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American Mail Line Travel Brochure for Japan

This is an American Mail Line travel brochure for Japan.


Cartwright family with Camilo Osias standing in front of bronze Buddha. Kamakura, Japan.

This photo shows the Cartwright family in front of an enormous statue that is referred to as the Great Buddha of Kamakura, Japan. The statue is a likeness of Amitabha Buddha made of copper which resides outdoors on the grounds of the Kotoku-in…


Doralyn and Wilburta Cartwright in Japanese kimonos, holding parasols and dolls, aboard ship.

The Cartwrights did as much sightseeing and shopping as they could on the trip. This picture shows, from left to right, Wilburta Cartwright, Doralyn Cartwright, and Daphne Mahon, daughter of Texas congressman, George Mahon. The girls are wearing…