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Hawaii Map from Travel Booklet

Cartwright had a habit of picking up travel materials at each stop on the trip. He, apparently, was not able to acquire his usual American Mail Line travel brochure for Hawaii, however, he did get a travel booklet titled "Nearby Hawaii," which…


Group on deck of ship. Includes Cartwright family and members of congressional delegation.

This picture shows the Cartwright family, Vice President Garner, and several other members of the congressional delegation in leis, throwing streamers off the ship as they sail away. This was likely taken as the group was leaving Hawaii to make the…


Wilburn Cartwright, Wilburta Cartwright, Vice President John Garner, Doralyn Cartwright, Mrs. Garner and Carrie Cartwright, with leis, on ship.

This picture shows Vice President Garner and his wife with the Cartwright family, all adorned in leis. This photograph may have been taken on the S.S. President Jefferson as the group was leaving Hawaii.