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American Mail Line Travel Brochure for China

This is an American Mail Line travel brochure for China. Cartwright would often pick up these brochures to read and make notes about information he found interesting. This brochure has some underlining and writing on it.


Cartwright family in rickshaws, Doralyn and Wilburta, in middle one, looking at Carrie, Hong Kong.

The Cartwrights took a few rickshaw rides while on their trip. The first rickshaw ride that Cartwright documented was the one they took through the business district of Kobe, Japan on October 30, 1935. The ride pictured is the one the family took on…


Panoramic view of Canton and harbor. Photographer - Ah Fong.

Photograph by Ah Fong that provides a panoramic view of Canton and the harbor.


Wilburn Cartwright looking at snakes on a table, outdoors, China.

Cartwright interacting with snakes on a table in China.